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2016 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner

Valerie Greisman is a 2016 graduate of Howard High School with a GPA of 4.33. Valerie was very active as a Scholar Athlete making Gold Honor Roll all 4 years of HS. She was Senior Captain, and 2015 MVP for her Volleyball team. ...

2015 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner

Megan Lynch receives a scholarship check for $1,000 from Mike Hume, Vice President of Chloe’s Cause (also pictured are her parents). Megan is not only a great student, but her work as a Best Buddies member of South River High School is exceptional....

Helping Kids with Down Syndrome, One Step at a Time

Every spring, Chloe’s Cause puts on our running shoes and tackles the Believe in Tomorrow Port To Fort 6K. This fantastic event raises funds to help house families near hospitals where their children are being treated for cancer. Chloe’s Cause has provided over $16,000 to Believe in Tomorrow to support other families with cancer. These dollars help families in need live rent free at the house during their children’s cancer treatments. [vc_gallery type="flexslider_fade" interval="3" images="17374,17375,17377,17378" onclick="link_image" custom_links_target="_self" column_number="2" grayscale="no" choose_frame="default"] “We support Believe in Tomorrow because they were there when Chloe was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemi (AML) a form of cancer”, stated Dean Coccia, Chloe’s father. He continued, “Believe in Tomorrow provided a home for our family close to Johns Hopkins while Chloe was being treated for cancer. When your little girl is in the hospital, you’d sleep on a street bench to be close to her. Luckily, Believe in Tomorrow gave us a residence near the hospital asking nothing in return.” Cancer in Down Syndrome patience? What’s the connection? Apparently, it is more common than most realize. According to the National Cancer Institute, “Children with Down syndrome are up to 20 times more likely to develop leukemia than the general population.” The good news is they have a significantly higher chance of recovery. Most research suggests that it is likely due to the extra copy of chromosome 21, which appears to interfere with the cancer’s ability to replicate. Dr Rohit Gulati (Chloe’s Cause Board Member), Mary Ann Davis (Vice President, Believe in Tomorrow), and Brian Morris (President, Believe in Tomorrow), Tony Davenport (President, Chloe’s Cause). More information on Believe In Tomorrow More information on Cancer In Down Syndrome National Cancer Institute National Down Syndrome Society Dana Farber Cancer Institute Nature Journal of Science...

Helping Kids with Down Syndrome, One Plunge at a Time

The date was Saturday, January 30, 2010. Winter. The middle of winter. Chloe’s Cause members made a pact with each other to jump into the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay to help raise money for the Special Olympics. The temperature that day was 27 deg F. [vc_video link='']   The team arrived at Sandy Point State Park at roughly 8:30 am. The sun was shining. Large white circus tents were posted along the beach which provided shelter from the cold; a place for refuge after the plunge. The team tailgated, working to psych’ themselves up for the big plunge at 1 pm. At 9 am, things began to change. The first flurries appeared from dark clouds over the horizon. Within a short hour, the sky went from bright blue to dark. By 10 am, snow was falling on the team at an inch an hour! [image_hover image='' hover_image='' link='' target='undefined' animation='undefined' transition_delay=''] The temperature continued to drop, but the team was not to be deterred. Over and over, they looked out to the icy water and snowy beach and said to each other, “Are you ready for this! Are you ready for this!” “This is going to be awesome!” “This will be the plunge to remember.” At noon, the team stripped down to their pre-plunge gear – bathing suits, sweat shirts and Chloe’s Cause hats. It was time to take the last shot of Hot Cocoa before heading to the beach. We lined up for a photo as 5 inches of snow was already on the ground. Excitement, anticipation, emotion of helping a great cause, all drove us to do something that most of us would normally never do from behind an office desk. We marched up to the beach as a team. Not in a formation, but in a group connected by a common cause. As...

Helping Kids with Down Syndrome, One Strike at a Time

Chloe’s Cause ChloBowl takes place every spring at the Greenway Bowl in Odenton, MD. This is a family, fun event for raising funds to support Chloe’s Cause mission of supporting families and children with Down Syndrome....

Chloe’s Cause Annual Mums Sale

To date we have sold over 14,000 mums and raised over $42,000 to help support Children with Down Syndrome! Mums are sold for $8 USD in 8″ pots, and come in 5 colors:  Yellow, White, Purple, Red, Bronze, Lavender (new) and Coral (new). “Chloe’s Cause would like to thank all of the kind people who purchased Mums for our 2015 Fall Fund Raiser.  Funds raised from these efforts go a long way to helping kids with Down Syndrome find inclusion in all aspects of their life.”    ...

Chloe’s Cause Helps to End the “R” Word

“An amazing thing can happen when hundreds of students get together make a difference”, stated Gina Davenport, Assistant Principal of Old Mill High School. Hundreds of Hands Represent Commitment to ending the “R” word at Old Mill High School Today, Chloe’s Cause sponsored an “End the Word” campaign at Old Mill High School. Students were asked to make a pledge to not using the word “retard” or variations of this word. To symbolize respect for all students, they painted their hand print on a mural dedicated to disability awareness. “Having hundreds of hand print on a wall outside of our media center is a very outward sign to the student body that the ‘R’ word is not acceptable”, stated Gina Davenport, Assistant Principal. “Students see the hand prints as they walk the halls, friends point out their hands, and begin to explain why it is important to create respect in the community. Conversations like this impact the whole school culture.” Hand Prints show the Commitment of Old Mill High School Students to ending the “R” word. This project was originally proposed by the Best Buddies Chapter President Samantha Swingle, a senior at Old Mill. Samantha said in a speech to her peers, “being involved in Best Buddies has not just been great for the students with disabilities, it has taught me important things too.” This Best Buddies chapter was started in the Fall of 2013 through a sponsorship by Chloe’s Cause. Chloe’s Cause is committed to helping children and families with Down Syndrome. The Best Buddies program pairs kids with disabilities with non-disabled peers to help them foster a respectful and genuine relationship. “Buddy Pairs” are encouraged to attend fun events (movies, sporting events, dances, etc,) so that both members can learn to respect one another. Ann Stephanos, Chloe’s Cause board member participated in this...

2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner

“My friends with disabilities have shown me that every person has multiple dimensions and should not be defined by only one character trait… My friends with disabilities have taught me not to let one quality about myself that’s different from other people define me; they’ve given me confidence in myself that I have a lot to offer this world.  My friends have also taught me to work hard and never give up.” ~ Sarah Sinnott, Graduating Senior, Arundel High School, 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner The above excerpt is from Sarah Sinnott’s scholarship essay – it sums up what Chloe’s Cause means to its members, and was the driving reason why Sarah was chosen as the 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner. Sarah has been a member of Best Buddies during her entire high school career.  During her senior year, she was the Arundel High School Chapter Vice President helped in coordinating many of the chapter events.  She also held positions as SGA Vice President for her class, and the president of the National Honors Society at AHS.  She was a member of the AHS Chamber Choir, Players Theater Company, and a Freshmen mentoring program.  She finished in the top 5% of our class with a 4.28 weighted GPA.  She has won a tremendous amount of awards for her leadership and volunteerism.  A truly model student. As the 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship winner, Sarah receives a check for $1,000 from Chloe’s Cause, where she stated that she will utilize purchase books while attending the University of Maryland at College Park studying either teaching or dentistry. In terms of the scholarship response from graduating high school seniors, the scholarship committee was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the number of outstanding applicants that poured in from around the country.  “It was a tremendous effort reviewing the many applicants.  Each applicant is fantastically special in...