Chloe's Cause | 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner
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07 Mar 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner


“My friends with disabilities have shown me that every person has multiple dimensions and should not be defined by only one character trait… My friends with disabilities have taught me not to let one quality about myself that’s different from other people define me; they’ve given me confidence in myself that I have a lot to offer this world.  My friends have also taught me to work hard and never give up.” ~ Sarah Sinnott, Graduating Senior, Arundel High School, 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner

The above excerpt is from Sarah Sinnott’s scholarship essay – it sums up what Chloe’s Cause means to its members, and was the driving reason why Sarah was chosen as the 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship Winner.

Sarah has been a member of Best Buddies during her entire high school career.  During her senior year, she was the Arundel High School Chapter Vice President helped in coordinating many of the chapter events.  She also held positions as SGA Vice President for her class, and the president of the National Honors Society at AHS.  She was a member of the AHS Chamber Choir, Players Theater Company, and a Freshmen mentoring program.  She finished in the top 5% of our class with a 4.28 weighted GPA.  She has won a tremendous amount of awards for her leadership and volunteerism.  A truly model student.

As the 2014 Chloe’s Cause Scholarship winner, Sarah receives a check for $1,000 from Chloe’s Cause, where she stated that she will utilize purchase books while attending the University of Maryland at College Park studying either teaching or dentistry.

In terms of the scholarship response from graduating high school seniors, the scholarship committee was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the number of outstanding applicants that poured in from around the country.  “It was a tremendous effort reviewing the many applicants.  Each applicant is fantastically special in their own way, making it quite a challenge to pick the top candidate.  Ultimately, Sarah hit the meaning of Best Buddies and Chloe’s Cause perfectly.  We’re proud of all of the applicants and what they have done for their community.” stated Gina Davenport, Assistant Principal at Old Mill High School.  “Were looking forward to 2015 Chloe’s Cause scholarship program.”

Please note:  Unfortunately, Chloe’s Cause did not receive any applicants for the “Hero Award”.  The award is now closed for 2014, and we will review our criteria for this award and repost in 2015